Holidays are expensive, whether you staying in Ireland or are going abroad.  With staycationcover you will be able to reclaim some of the cost of your holiday if you cancel or curtail your trip due to an unexpected illness or accident.

Furthermore, we provide insurance for your Personal Belongings and with our Gold level of cover you will be covered for some of the costs associated with lost stolen or damaged bicycles and gadgets.

Check out our “What Covered” section to see many other covers included in our staycationcover policies.

Should you suffer from COVID-19 during the period of insurance, we will pay you a benefit of €250 a day up to €2,500 for each full 24 hours that you spend as an in-patient in a hospital.

Our policies also provide a cancelation benefit if you if you, your travelling companion or any person you have arranged to stay with during your trip receive a diagnosis of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) within 14 days of the start of your trip or in the case of being admitted to hospital with a Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) diagnosis within 28 days of the start of your trip. Please refer to the policy wording for full terms, conditions and exclusions.

Our Gold level policies provide cover for mobile phones, smart phones, laptop computers and  tablets if they are lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed; subject to a limit of €300 and an excess of €50.00.

Depreciation for Wear & Tear will also be applied. See our wear and tear question below for more details.


Our Gold level policies provide cover for bicycles if they are stolen subject to a limit of €300 and an excess of €50.00.

Depreciation for Wear & Tear will also be applied. See our wear and tear question below for more details.

Within 24 hours of the discovery of the incident you must report loss, theft or damage to the Garda Síochána. Receipts or evidence of ownership will be necessary in the event of a claim.

Payments made in respect of insured items that are lost or stolen will reflect
the current value of the items, taking into account wear, tear and depreciation from the date of purchase.

Your staycation policy will pay towards the cost of alternative accommodation in the event of your booked accommodation
becoming uninhabitable during your trip as a result of flooding, fire, subsidence or damage caused by a storm.

Our Gold level staycation policies will cover camping equipment, such as, bedding, linen,
camping furniture, cooking equipment, portable fridges, gas bottles, batteries & security devices. is a trading name of Accident & General Insurance Services Limited. Accident & General
Insurance Services Ltd is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for insurance mediation services, Reg No: C8954.

Mapfre Asistencia Compañía de Seguros y Reaseguros, S.A. trading as Mapfre Assistance Agency Ireland is authorised by Dirección General de Seguros y Fondos dePensiones del Ministerio de Economía y Hacienda, in Spain, and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for conduct of business rules.

The principal place of business of Mapfre Assistance Agency Ireland is at Ireland Assist House, 22-26 Prospect Hill, Galway. Mapfre Assistance Agency Ireland conducts business in Ireland in accordance with the Code of Conduct for Insurance Undertakings published by the Central Bank of Ireland. Registered in Republic of Ireland. Reg No 903874.

We do cover some pre-existing / existing medical conditions. 

For a complete list of covered conditions please review our waived medical conditions list. No other pre-existing / existing conditions will be covered.

Irrespective of when you purchase your policy, the start date of the policy must coincide with the day that you leave your home to commence you holiday. The end date must match the date you plan to arrive back at your home. Cover for cancellation starts as soon as the policy is purchased.

The insurance cannot be purchased once your trip has commenced.

Your permanent residence must be in the Republic of Ireland.

A family policy is for the main insured person, his/her spouse, Civil Partner or Common Law Partner, and up to four of their dependent children under 18 years of age (in full-time education and residing with them) or the main insured person, his/her spouse, Civil Partner or Common Law Partner and their grandchildren under 18 years of age (in full time education).

A couple policy is for 2 adults in a relationship, living at the same address.

If this policy does not meet your requirements you must contact us within 14 days of the purchase of your policy for a refund of your premium.

You will be only entitled to a refund of your policy if you have not travelled, no claims have been made and no incidents have occurred that may give rise to a claim.

Should you decide to cancel after the 14 day cooling-off period no refund will be given.

Any private car [not exceeding 3.5 tonnes total vehicle weight] and is 15 years and under at the time of taking this policy, which is currently insured in Republic of Ireland and which is driven within the terms of the current Certificate of Motor Insurance relating to such car.


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Holiday Cancellation

Cancellation fees and lost deposits on prebooked travel if your trip is cancelled due to an insured event (e.g. unforeseen injury or jury duty) up to €2,000

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Covid-19 Benefit

Covers you if you are hospitalised as a result of COVID-19 during your trip.

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Personal Property
(Including Gadgets)

Cost of repairing or replacing your belongings if they get lost, stolen or damaged during your trip, up to €2,500 (sub-limits apply).

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 car and key

Motor Breakdown Cover

Insurance cover for Roadside repairs and towing if you breakdown up to €500

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Bicycle Cover

Replacement bike if yours is stolen, up to €300.

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Tent Cover

Repair or replacement of your tent if it is stolen or destroyed, up to €750